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Muller Martini. Safir II Polywrapper.

For collation / inserts and onsert wrapping. Using 30 micron clear or printed films suitable for postage. Special "product" feeder followed by an opening station for inserts. This will open just the cover, by suction, or at random within copies, the sword. It then has SEVEN rotary feeders to automatically feed products, leaflets, endorse folded booklets etc. within or on top of the main product. Mis-feed and double detectors are operational throughout the machine.


Maximum wrap size: 420x300mm subject to pack height.
Minimum wrap size: 170x148mm
Maximum end pack thickness: 50mm
Maximum insert/onsert bulk: 5mm


Perfect Bound Copies Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) One off trade work Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)
Saddle Stitched Copies Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) Contract periodicals Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)
Video Cassettes Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) Long or short runs Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)
Computer Diskettes Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) Directories Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)
Hand Feed Station Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) Mail shots Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)
Up to 7 inserts / onserts Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) Product Card sets Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)
Labelling Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes) Plain or printed films Images/tick.jpg (946 bytes)



Whatever your requirement Games & Print Services has a system to suit.

  • Shrink Wrapping

Separate Automated lines for boxed sets or inline on our finished machinery. Shaped or larger flat sizes to 450x800mm can be wrapped using eco friendly films on our hand operated systems.

  • Flow Wrapping

Automatic lines with computer controlled feeders suitable for cards, coins, stickers and small leaflets and booklets. We can also hand feed 3D items. Bandolier or single pack delivery, in plain or printed food grade films. Ideal for high quality promotions at lower unit costs.

  • Poly Wrapping

Fully automated mailing line for magazine wrapping and postal distribution, which in one pass handles the main product plus up to seven inserts.
50mm end pack bulk.



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All of our estimates are subject to GPS impositions and sight and condition of printed sheets supplied. GPS Conditions of sale apply.
Prices are estimated in UK pounds sterling.