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All to be marked up in a traditional manner with process colours or pantone references / swatches attached where appropriate.

All discs must be supplied with a print out to show the content supplied for reproduction. This is essential to check all pictures, files and fonts are sent to the printers at the repro stage.
Please supply all jobs for use on a Macintosh system with all Illustrator, Freehand, pictures placed in a QuarkXpress document.

Illustrator and Freehand files should be saved only as EPS files so they are compatible for use with Quark. Where type or picture files have been used within an Illustrator / Freehand file please ensure you include all fonts and pictures used.

All Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop files must be supplied with the colour specifications as they are intended to be used CMYK, in four colour process, not Pantone unless special colours are being used and have been budgeted for.

Please ensure that files or scans are not supplied in TIFF, RGB format or with channels or layers compressed using LWZ or JPEG compression to avoid additional charges.

TIFFs should be avoided and EPS scans should be saved without screen rulings (lines per inch or lines per cm) or transfer functions applied. Line art should be supplied as one bit TIFFs at 1600 DPI (or higher) for best reproduction.

Quark documents should not be supplied with colours that are not required for the production of the job pertaining to the document. Trapping should not be altered from the Quark defaults unless special trapping requirements have been specified which should be confirmed and noted on marked proofs.

All fonts must always be supplied, both printer fonts and screen fonts.

Card Sets

Sets below 128 cards per sheet must be supplied with each card as a separate single page front and a separate single page back. All must be identifiable, i.e. card 1 front, card 1 back, card 2 front etc.

Sets above 128 cards per sheet must be supplied with cards in position as our imposition layout, with correct gutters, no registration or cross marks and as a single page imposed document as required to be printed with the correct collation order.

File Types

Quark Xpress, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Portable Document Format (PDF) 1.3*, Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)*. Other file types may produce unexpected results.

*Artwork must be supplied with high res scans and fonts embedded*

Trapping & Colour

To ensure consistency and quality, a standard set of trap values is applied to all artwork in all formats. Any special trapping or colour instructions should be notified and supplied to us on a markup! Special colours should ideally be specified from a recognised liabry. This ensures colours trap properly relative to each other and digital proofs appear correct.

File Format

Please supply each page or card unimposed, on a single document page which is the correct card size. This helps digital imposition a great deal. Ensure that the artwork is centred within the cut marks of the finished card size as this will ensure accurate border alignment. If the cards are bled cut please apply 2.5mm of bleed outside of the cutmarks. PDF files produced in Acrobat Distiller may need extra space to accommodate bleed.


Please ensure all linked images are supplied with the job. Supplied colour and greyscale images should be at least 300dpi resolution and not enlarged above 150%. Image quality suffers otherwise. Line art raterised files should be 800dpi or above bitmap Tiffs. Quark Express clipping paths or runarounds may produce unexpected results and are best avoided.


Please supply all unembedded fonts as PostScript type 1. TrueType fonts may be used but general quality is not as good as PostScript fonts. Multiple Master fonts are best avoided as this format is now no longer produced and is NOT supported by some applications and hardware

ISDN 0208 983 0479

Failure to follow the foregoing may well lead to additional charges being made.

Games & Print Services Limited
July 2002