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Games & Print Services have the capacity to handle orders of any size and complexity, from straightforward guillotining or trimming to most complicated projects.

Our five Schneider Senator machines, two 155's (65") plus three 115's (45") and handling equipment which includes destacking (automatic loading), stacklifts and extended airbed side tables enable us to take on the most difficult operations such as:

  • Separation of pre-bound, multi-up work that cannot be separated on line.
  • Removal of excess waste from web sections.
  • All padding contracts.
  • Postcards.
  • Vouchers.
  • Coupons.
  • Money Sets.
  • Cards.


With our modern MBO and Stahl all buckle and combination machines we will accept any challenge in the folding department.

Up to fourteen parallel concertina folds, seven parallel rolls, map folds, closed gate folds - either on the first fold or on the second unit after previous folds, with additional flaps either side. Multi concertina, then cross folds or in half (or more), then multi roll or concertina.

  • Spine gluing is available on no less than three machines.
  • Multi-up working.
  • Inline perforations.
  • Stop / Start perforations.
  • Open & closed gatefolds.
  • Maximum sheet size 800x1600mm.

Long or short runs, 1 up or multiworking. If it can be saddle-stitched we at Games & Print Services can do it.

We have a variety of special attachments which in the hands of our experienced operators enable us to produce the widest range of saddle stitch products possible

  • From 470x300mm down to 90x75mm and down further to 55mm height utilising the correct imposition.
  • Four loop wires, endorsement folding in either direction, pocket covers, ready reply cards, ram bundles, magazine bundles and shrinkwrapping.