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House Styles

English Court - Standard Index

Based on the classical English Court style these new designs were specially commissioned by Games & Print Services. They have been hand drawn and coloured in intricate detail, whilst carefully ensuring that the strict integrity of playing cards is maintained. Our English Court is available in two designs, traditional or modern, and printed with either two or four pips.

Dutch Court - Standard Index

Only available from Games & Print Services the Dutch Court designs were specifically designed to reflect a classic European style. The Dutch Court can also be printed with two
or four pips.

Jumbo Index

The Jumbo Index is so called because the characters and pips are significantly larger than those on standard decks. To achieve this we reduce the court illustration (still holding all the detail), enhance it with a soft tint background, and frame with a fine black line, thereby creating a new style without affecting the integrity of the card.



Material & Size

Our house styles are produced on 305 gm2 duplex, multi-layered, playing card board, which guarantees excellent printability including metallic gold and silver. 87x56mm with 5mm radius corners. Supplied 'cello-wrapped' and bulk packed. All decks are finished with our own, specially formulated, playing card varnish. Linen or smooth finish.


Card back graphic options


Pick and Mix

Following on from our house style, for clients that require something more individual we have an unbeatable bespoke service - where literally anything is possible!

There are various levels in our bespoke service for creating your own style of playing cards.

The first and simplest form is literally to pick and mix elements from our house styles. Choose any one of the face designs from our house styles and then match up with any one of our 'standard' back designs, which can be printed in any colour you choose.

Taking the pick and mix one stage further you may wish to change the pip style on your cards to one of our international range.

So, first you can choose a style of court face you like, then standard or jumbo index, followed by 2 or 4 pip and style of pips (Belgian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish), and finally the design and colour for the back.

The next stage is moving into the realms of customisation. Up to this point, we have only been juggling with existing elements and none of these options have required new original artworks.

However the permutations become endless when you have the opportunity to customise our existing house designs by substituting or adding elements of your own.

Your additional elements may take the form of a slogan or phrase, names, logos, graphics or special colour changes, which can be added into any of our existing designs on both the face and the back of the card.

Our decks consist of 55 cards, 52 playing, 2 jokers and 1 bridge scoring card.

Which brings us to the next option, that any of these cards could be changed to include a specific message or advertisement, or even replaced with a totally different card.

The surface of the card could also be changed from the standard linen or smooth finish to one of a number of different patterns and textures that add a unique touch.

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>Suit YourselfCustomisation

The ultimate in bespoke cards is to have your own deck designed and produced specially for you.

The combined experience and knowledge of our production and design team is on hand for clients who wish to create their own special deck.

Any aspect of the cards' make-up can be designed and tailored to your specific requirements. Size, shape, material, graphics, colours and finishes.

Round or square, miniature or double sized.
Court faces can be graphic, illustrated, photographic, traditional or avant garde.
Pips in special colours and new styles.
Backs with single/repeat patterns.
(The most prominent place to display your company, product or organisation)
Any colour inks including metallic golds and silver.
Special inks to satisfy security cameras and lighting.

Our designers are capable of producing high quality original designs specifically for you, whilst maintaining the integrity of playing cards. The experience and technical knowledge of our production staff enables us to accurately reproduce any type of deck to the highest standard.

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All the care and attention taken in the design and production of our playing cards is extended to our range of packaging and presentation boxes.

Presentation Options

From cello-wrapping; Tuck Boxes; Single and Double Plastic Boxes; Hinged Boxes in Natural Wood or a variety of coloured coverings; to Hinged, leather covered, 'Book-a-like' boxes, with flock lined trays containing 4 matching decks, score pads and writing instruments.

In fact we can provide any presentation in practically any material to our clients requirements.

In our presentation - as with our cards- the versatility and quality of our service is unbeatable

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