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Guillotine Folding Spine Gluing
Stitch & Trim Ram Bundles Shrinkwrapping
Ram Punching Drilling Comb Binding
Padding Collation Flow Wrapping
Poly Wrapping



Games & Print Services have the capacity to handle orders of any size and complexity, from straightforward guillotining or trimming to most complicated projects.

Our five Schneider Senator machines, two 155's (65") plus three 115's (45") and handling equipment which includes destacking (automatic loading), stacklifts and extended airbed side tables enable us to take on the most difficult operations such as:

  • Separation of pre-bound, multi-up work that cannot be separated on line.
  • Removal of excess waste from web sections.
  • All padding contracts.
  • Postcards.
  • Vouchers.
  • Coupons.
  • Money Sets.
  • Cards.


With our modern MBO and Stahl all buckle and combination machines we will accept any challenge in the folding department.

Up to fourteen parallel concertina folds, seven parallel rolls, map folds, closed gate folds - either on the first fold or on the second unit after previous folds, with additional flaps either side. Multi concertina, then cross folds or in half (or more), then multi roll or concertina.

  • Spine gluing is available on no less than three machines.
  • Multi-up working.
  • Inline perforations.
  • Stop / Start perforations.
  • Open & closed gatefolds.
  • Maximum sheet size 800x1600mm.

Long or short runs, 1 up or multiworking. If it can be saddle-stitched we at Games & Print Services can do it.

We have a variety of special attachments which in the hands of our experienced operators enable us to produce the widest range of saddle stitch products possible

  • From 470x300mm down to 90x75mm and down further to 55mm height utilising the correct imposition.
  • Four loop wires, endorsement folding in either direction, pocket covers, ready reply cards, ram bundles, magazine bundles and shrinkwrapping.

Whatever your requirement Games & Print Services has a system to suit

  • Shrink wrapping
    Separate Automated lines for boxed sets or inline on our finishing machinery. Shaped or larger flat sizes to 450x800mm can be wrapped using eco friendly films on our hand operated systems.
  • Flow wrapping
    Automatic lines with computer controlled feeders suitable for cards, coins, stickers and small leaflets and booklets. We can also hand feed 3D items. Bandolier or single pack delivery, in plain or printed food grade films. Ideal for high quality promotions at lower unit costs.
  • Poly wrapping
    Fully automated mailing line for magazine wrapping and postal distributions, which in one pass handles the main product plus up to seven inserts.
    50mm end pack bulk.

Placing things in the right order is not always as easy as it sounds. But with our fully trained staff and specialist machinery you can rest assured that at Games and Print we have the capacity and experience to handle the most complicated promotions or mailings quickly and accurately.

  • From loose leaf ring binder sets, NCR multi-part sets and pads, to playing cards or game cards.
  • From a 27 station SRA2 flat sheet automated collator to hand collation of SRA1 / B1 sheets.
  • Ram Bundles
  • Ram Punching
  • Drilling
  • Die Cutting
  • Filofax
  • Endorse Folding
  • Map Folds
  • Scratch Cards
  • Latex
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Cello Wrapping
  • Cello Banding
  • Stock & Odd Bundles
  • NCR Sets
  • Comb Binding
  • Handwork
  • Magazine Mailing
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2 x 61" & 3 x 45" VIDEO PROGRAMMATICS.

Schneider Senator 155’s & 115’s with fully automatic loading, extended airbed side tables and stacklifts. 1 Schneider Senator Off-line jogger & restacker. Maximum sheet 1000x1400mm.For standard guillotine work or trimming folded web sections to remove excess waste or trims or separating to single copies.


MBO machinery. Maximum sheet 810x1600mm. Minimum fold 50mm. Maximum of 14 parallel concertina folds, 7 parallel roll folds. In half then 6 concertina’s & in half again etc. Open / closed gatefolds as first folds or on 2nd unit after first fold(s). Multi concertina on second unit after first fold(s). 3 & 4 directional folding. Map or miniature folds. Multi up working. Scoring & perforation. Burst binding. Stepped or different width leaves. batch counting on all machines. Inline ram bundling, shrink-wrapping or cellobanding.


Maximum 16pp self cover 297x210mm. (Product is achieved by roll folding head & tail while applying adhesive to one long continuous spine, press sheet size limitations are more likely to cause any problems).


Muller Martini equipment. Prima & 321 lines. Each with 4 feeders plus cover feeder. 1up or 2up working, trimming inline, 3/4/5/up for voucher/coupon book work if guillotined to final size. Maximum trimmed size: 470x300mm. Minimum trimmed size: 95x75mm. 2up A4 landscape working. 4 Loop wire stitch facility (maximum bulk 3mm). Endorse folding parallel to or across the spine, more than one endorsement fold possible. Voucher books, pocket covers, batch counting, stocks & odd bundling. Down to 50x50mm if guillotined after saddle stitch & to correct imposition, i.e 3 or 4up working, 75x210mm 4up A4.


Four machines. Maximum dimension (one) 350mm. Maximum log length 15" / 380mm. Single or cross straps. Using 4mm hardboard ends, not greyboard. Equipment is available for shrink-wrapping logs.


Automatic, for inline with machinery or hand fed, x6 machines for larger, more unusual shapes or sizes. Maximum wrap size 450x800mm subject to product thickness. PVC or polythene films.


Machinery for periodical work involving stock & odd bundling operations. Securing of parcels etc. for distribution.


For playing card type products, shaped pads / leaflets or booklets. Maximum product size 160x160mm, minimum of 1.5mm trim required on all cut sides.


Maximum binding length 400mm. Maximum bulk using round combs 28mm or using oval combs 51mm. Black, white or coloured combs.


Multi head & single head machines. Single or multi hole work, including six hole FILOFAX work. 4/12mm diameter hole range.


Any shape or style. NCR fanapart sets, multi set NCR pads, cube pads, desk pads, jotters or any other permutation. Normal paper as fanapart sets, one time carbon sets. Folding of NCR sets, parallel to tipped dimension.


27 station suction collator. Maximum sheet: 450x640mm.
20 station Setmaster suction collator. Maximum sheet: 297x210mm.
10 station Setmaster suction collator. Maximum sheet: 297x420mm.
6.000 square feet of factory space, 35 full time skilled staff for all hand collation, assembly and kitting operations. Powered conveyor lines for assembly and fulfilment.


Mark VI mobile machine. Offered up to pallet of work and counting head runs up corner and inserts tabs. Count ranges from 10 sheets upward, material range 60gm2 - 150gm2.


Automatically applies and heat seals plastic or plastic coated paper band to bundle. Maximum band width 50mm / 2".




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